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The doctor's surgery

Here in out doctor's surgery you will be able to learn all the useful vocabulary regarding health. Imagine that one day you have an accident abroad and get injured or maybe you are ill during a vacation and so you have to see a doctor... Well, you can be more prepared by studying this English Unit. Here you will learn all types of health vocabulary. From people and professions (such as doctor and patient) to utensils and objects (like thermometer and clutches.)  Click here to see the HEALTH vocabulary.                                            

Illnesses, injuries and symptoms

Illnesses, injuries and symptons vocabulary

In this part we have included illnesses such as the flu, measles etc. Injuries like a sprained ankle, broken bone or a cut... and symptoms like a headache or fever.
How many symptoms, injuries and illnesses do you know in English? Click in this link and check.

Adverbs of manner

When you go to the doctor and he asks you how you're feeling and you answer "I feel bad/awful/accidentally cut my hand" or "I came to the hospital as fast as I could" etc. You are using adverbs of manner . Interested in learning more? click here: Continue learning


In the English Alley we think that an image is worth a thousand words but sadly we can't draw everything... That's why we've come up with this awesome listening activity. Listen to the following section all about health and medicine. After reading and listening to the text try to answer the following questions:
Where can you buy medicine?
What is a specialist?
How do people normally call their general practitioner?

Introduction: If you get ill or do not feel well you can go to your family doctor or general practitioner. Normally you need to make an appointment. However, if it is an emergency you can go the emergency department. Continue reading and listening

Story: At the doctor's surgery

With this story, represented by a comic, you will learn English vocabulary related to typical situations that happen in a doctor's surgery. This story has plenty of adverbs of manner. Try to look for them!

To hear what the characters are saying, hover the cursor over the speech bubbles (words).

The appointment

This video is a parody of a medical appointment. You will have the chance to listen to terms and vocabulary related to this unit.
Note: this video is in American English so the vocabulary will be slightly different and so will the accent..  The Appointment

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